Seducing your senses!

   This morning after a short walk in the city centre, I discovered a really beautiful shop that caught my attention and is really worth to mention! I stopped out the entrance and started smelling many perfumes and fragrances that really seduce your senses... I' m talking about "Stemma-exceptional perfumes and cosmetics" that is located at the city centre of Thessaloniki! Really compelling perfumes in an elegant and luxurius place-where they really belong...

  I could talk for hours for the unique perfumes that inspired me even more but I will show you two really special ones...

  The first is called "Immortelle Marilyn" by Nez a nez...

 ... and it is a perfume dedicated to immortal Marilyn Monroe. A person who was charming, attractive, sexy and confident but also very introvert and mysterious! Just as this amazing perfume! It is for sure a feminine, classy and ladylike creation that show the unforgettable presence that characterised Marilyn!

  The second one is called "Love in black" by Creed perfumes

   This one is dedicated to another special person. Inspired by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the fragrance is composed of ingredients from places this intriguing public figure visited and loved. It's so elegant and mysterious at the same time! Worth to try it!

  As far as cosmetics are concerned, a beautiful collection with the title "make up not war" caught my attention...

Here are some more photos of the shop.

   Hope you like it!


P.s. I won't usually do this kind of posts but today I think it's worth it! What do you think? :)
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