Pillbox bazaar in Thessaloniki!

  Today's post will be somehow different from others, as there was a great event in my city on Thursday night.  A bazaar with handmade clothes and accessories took place in the harbour of the city, really close to the central square and I am happy to tell you that I had the opportunity to go there and take some photos!

   This bazaar is called Pillbox and it takes place twice a year. Many young people with fresh ideas show and sell their beautiful creations and I think that this is really inspiring for all! I can easily say that everybody was so kind when I asked them to take pictures of their creations. :)
   The open market started at 12:00 and closed at 00:00 and at about 22:00 a great catwalk show took place aswell. Here are some photos of the catwalk and the main poster of the event.

  My night out ended after having an amazing cocktail in a famous bar with some good friends! What's better?!


P.s. I could not resist buying some beautiful handmade earrings that caught my attention from this open market! :D You will see them for sure in a following post...

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